Posted on May 18th 2018

Nonsense Poems

Year 4 are currently studying Nonsense Poems. They are looking at the works of Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Spike Milligan. Their favourite Poem is "The Pobble Who has No Toes".
nonsense poems 1
The pupils have also written some of their own Nonsense Poems in the form of Limerick:
Maeen (Juniper) -
There was a young Princess who lived in a flower,
Who, sadly, was locked up in a horrible tower.
When the witch cut her hair,
She said, “Hey, that’s not fair!”
The poor young Princess in the tower.
Mahnoor (Chestnut) -
There was a fat, little lady of Cake,
Whose mother said “ for goodness sake,
You’ll get diabetes, give up those sweeties”,
That fat, little lady of cake.

By Mr Bussien
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