Berkeley Academy is an outstanding academy situated on Cranford Lane, Heston (TW5 9HQ) in the London Borough of Hounslow with a mission to work with its community and to inspire excellence and community pride.

The academy caters for children between the ages of 3 and 11 and has places for 420 full time pupils and 52 part time places in the Nursery.

Berkeley featured in Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools annual reports and was cited as one of the most improved schools in London and across the whole country.  Her Majesty's Chief Inspector praised the leadership of the academy at an event in London for 'bringing about a remarkable transformation so that Berkeley is now one of the very best schools in the country'. The academy is likely to be re-inspected in 2023 or 2024.

Berkeley is part of Hounslow Education Partnership, the local school improvement network, and the Teach West London Alliance, an outstanding partnership for teacher training and staff development and is a Teach First and First Story Partner School. 

At Berkeley, children benefit from dedicated and highly skilled staff, with high expectations of learning and achievement, well-resourced classrooms and an extensive outdoor environment which includes a large sports field and several playgrounds.

  • Overall, pupils make outstanding progress from very low starting points.  Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make exceptional progress.
  • Teaching is consistently outstanding in English and mathematic.  Teachers plan their lessons meticulously and have high expectations of their pupils at all times. 
  • Pupils' behaviour is outstanding.  Pupils are full of enthusiasm for their learning and enjoy attending the school.  Pupils feel safe and are very positive about their school.  They are polite and respectful towards each other and towards adults.  Conduct in lessons and around the school is impeccable. 

Berkeley Academy provides extremely high quality education for all pupils and high impact. The academy encourages a partnership between home and school to ensure that all pupils make outstanding progress and attain excellent results at the end of each Key Stage.

  • Trustees work very closely with the CEO and Headteacher in making decisions about the development of the academy to ensure that the Quality of Education and academic progress remain the key priorities at all times.
  • The curriculum is carefully designed and sequenced in collaboration with the Pre-School and the main partner secondary academy to ensure seemless transitions and progression of learning.
  • All staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to child protection.  The academy works closely with external professionals to safeguard the welfare of all its children



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A printed copy of all website information is available free of charge on request but please consider the impact on the environment before making such a request.

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