Posted on March 20th 2017

English / Year 4

Crime 11_result
13/03/2017 - Year 4 were tasked with an almighty investigation last week, as there appeared to be a break-in in both classrooms. The local ‘Police’ had been in to search the rooms but left the main investigation up to the pupils in Year 4. Both classrooms had to be dusted for prints and extensive notes had to be made in order to piece together the mystery.
As the week went on, the pupils had to improve their note-taking, study the art of open and closed questioning, interrogate a key witness and write up a report with their conclusions.
By the end of the week the local ‘Police’ realised there had been a series of unfortunate events that had led to the classrooms being left in a messy state and informed the children that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions, ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and everyone is innocent until proven guilty but thanked them for their amazing investigative reporting skills.
Mr Bussien - Year 4
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