Posted on February 10th 2016

Read more - Berkeley students visit Heston library

Library image

Reception class walked to Heston library as part of their CLL (communication, language and literacy) and TW (the world) learning this term. They have been finding out about how to make more progress in their reading and discover the people who help us in our local community. Lots of parents joined their children and the class teachers for the short trip.

They all enjoyed a librarian`s storytelling session and information on how to join, get a library card and use the facilities at the library. The children had the opportunity to choose books they liked and share them with their parents, teachers, librarians and friends. Books about space, horrible facts, princesses, rockets, animals and dinosaurs were quickly off the shelves and open on the comfy carpet area. There was a real buzz of fun learning and you could hear stories being told and ideas and facts being shared. Reception class were of course on their best behaviour and followed all the library rules about taking great care of the books and they put them all away in the right places when their session ended.

For homework that weekend, the children had the very important task of returning to the library with their adults, joining to get their own card and choosing amazing books to take home. Lots of children have now been back to Heston library and shared their books in school. Reception class are now very keen to be fabulous readers!

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