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Berkeley Academy Admissions

Berkeley Academy is an independent converter academy school run by Advantage Multi-Academy Trust and hence is independent of Hounslow Council and is not maintained by the council but it does support the council in meeting its statutory obligations in terms of admissions and other coordinated arrangements. 

The academy is its own 'admissions authority' and adheres to the national 'School Admissions Code'. 

Berkeley Academy manages its own admissions to Nursery Classes and all other admissions, except Reception Class (see below).  

Berkeley Academy manages admissions to nursery classes, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year  5 and Year 6.  

Berkeley Academy also manages all 'mid-year' (also known as 'In-year') admissions for every year group including the existing (2020-2021) nursery classes and the existing reception class.  

However, Hounslow Council coordinates the admission of all children wanting to start in Reception Class at the start of the academic year. It does so on behalf of every school and academy in the borough.


How to apply for a Nursery Class place at Berkeley Academy

Applications for Nursery places from September 2021 will open on 1 January 2021.

Berkeley Academy has two nursery classes (AM or PM).

Children can take up a funded (free),15-hour place in a school nursery in the September after their third birthday. They cannot be admitted before the school year in which they reach the age of four.

If your child was born was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 they can start in the nursery class of a school in September 2021 (and a reception class in a school in September 2022).

For a nursery place for 1st September 2021, you will need to apply directly to the academy by the closing date of 4 May 2021.

Nursery Applications in Hounslow can be made by completing  a general form. You can download the nursery application form here from 1st January 2021:

OR you can collect a form from Berkeley Academy at the end of a school day by prior arrangement (call 0208 570 5700).

Your application must go directly to the academy, either by hand at the end of a school day or ideally by post to 'Nursery Admissions, Berkeley Academy, Cranford Lane, Heston. TW5 9HQ'.



How to apply for a RECEPTION CLASS place (starting in reception in September 2021) at Berkeley Academy

Hounslow Council coordinates the admission of all children to Reception Year (Only) for all schools and academies in the London Borough of Hounslow.

When can my child start school?

Date of birth

Start or transfer


01/09/2016 - 31/08/2017

Start reception September 2021

1 Sep 2020 – 15 Jan 2021

01/09/2017 - 31/08/2018

Start reception September 2022

1 Sep 2021 – 15 Jan 2022

01/09/2018 - 31/08/2019

Start reception September 2023

1 Sep 2022 – 15 Jan 2023

If your child is born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 your child will start school in September 2021.

Click here to apply online using e-Admissions

If you do not live in the London Borough of Hounslow, you will need to apply through your own council. 


Admission 'Drop-in' Sessions (May change due to Coronavirus)

If you need support with your Reception Year application, you can come to one of Hounslow Council's 'drop-in' sessions at the Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow, TW3 3EB. These will be held EVERY Wednesday from 2 October 2020 to 15 January 2021 from 10 am - 2 pm.


Late applications

Submitting a late application greatly reduces your chance of getting a place at one of your preferred schools.  Late applications will be processed after the first allocation of places to on-time applicants on 16 April 2021. 


Key dates

1 September 2020 – Applications opens.

2 October 2020 – 15 January 2021 – Drop-in session every Wednesday from 10am - 2pm at Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB (This may change due to Coronavirus restrictions, please check Hounslow Council website)

15 January 2021 – Closing date for applications for Reception Class.

16 April 2021 – National Offer Day.  

30 April 2021 – Last day to accept or not accept the school place offered.

Contact details for reception admissions: School Admissions Team   Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB. Telephone: 020 8583 2711


All other Admissions, including 'In-Year'

Berkeley Academy manages admissions to nursery classes, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year  5 and Year 6.  

Berkeley Academy also manages all 'mid-year' (also known as 'In-year') Admissions for every year group including the existing (2021-2022) Nursery classes and the existing Reception class.  


  • CLICK HERE for the 2020/21 In Year Admission application form

  • CLICK HERE for the 2021/22 In Year Admission application form

Appeal Dates & Information

Appeals must be made directly to the Academy.

If you have not been offered a place at The Berkeley Academy, the law entitles you to appeal against that decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. This panel is completely independent of the school and the Local Authority. The appeals are held at a local independent venue or online.  A decision will be made nearer the time.

If you wish to appeal, please use the online form by clicking on the link in the box below. Please do NOT use ANY other appeal form. It is suggested that you download the explanatory booklet about appeals which you should read before you complete the appeal form. 

The Admission Appeals Advice booklet can be downloaded by clicking here

You should include any evidence or supporting material with your appeal form and you MUST give the grounds for your appeal at the time you lodge your appeal form. Your appeal form will not be accepted unless you state the grounds for your appeal. You are also required to upload two utility bills dated in the last three onths.

You may appeal for more than one school.

The timetable for summer transfer appeals is as follows: - 

Link for appeal form for reception, years 1 and 2 

Link for appeal form for years 3 - 6



Last day for lodging appeal forms for a place in RECEPTION to start in September 2020

All appeals must be submitted by 4pm on Tuesday 18 May 2021. You MUST state the reasons for your appeal and supply any documentary evidence at this stage. You are advised to complete your appeal form as early as possible and not to leave it until the last few days.

The appeals will take place on

Thursday 1 July 2021

Invitation letter giving details about your hearing will be sent by the Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel

At least 10 school days before the stage 1 hearing

Any additional  or supporting evidence

Thursday 24 June 2021. You are advised that additional paperwork received on the day of the appeal hearing will not be taken into account.   Please provide the Clerk with FIVE copies of any additional evidence.  All such evidence to be submitted in A4 format and NOT bound, but may be stapled on the top left hand corner.

Letter from the Clerk informing you of the decision of the independent appeal panel

Due to the high number of appeals held at this time, this may not be sent until up to 2 weeks after the last hearing for the primary school.

In year appeals

These appeals are heard within 30 school days of the appeal form being lodged with the Clerk.  Unless you waive this right, you will be given 10 school days’ notice of the hearing.  Additional evidence must be sent to the Clerk to the panel not later than 5 working days before the hearing. Decision letters are dispatched 5 working days after the hearing.




From 11th November 2019, Berkeley Academy consulted on its proposed Admissions Policy for 2021-2022. The consultation closed on Friday 10th January 2020.

The Admissions Policy for 2020-2021 is found HERE

The Admissions Policy 2021 - 2022 is found HERE.

The Admissions Policy 2022 - 2023 is found HERE.

The consultation was for parents of children aged 2-18, other persons in the area who have an interest in the proposed arrangements, including all other admissions authorities within the local area, the local authority and any adjoining neighbouring local authorities. 

Any further queries can be sent to


Home Address Fraud

The academy may not accept an address provided in an application if we consider it to be an address of convenience. All academy admission applications are subject to rigorous address checks to ensure school places are allocated fairly and in accordance with published admission arrangements. 

Applicants may also be required to provide additional evidence to support their application.

The academy will not accept possible future addresses as a basis for allocating academy places. If you move after submitting your application you must inform within two weeks of your move.

It is for the admissions authority to determine if, on the balance of probability, the address given on an application is a child’s normal place of residence or is considered to be an address of convenience. Some examples of circumstances which may be considered an address of convenience are:

  • using the address of a relative, friend, childminder or business
  • using the address of a parent with whom the child spends the minority of the week
  • purchasing a new property or renting accommodation and using this address in order to gain a school place, whilst continuing to own or rent an alternative property.
  • owning a property which is or has previously been used as your home address and applying from another address in order to gain a school place, but still retaining ownership of the initial property
  • use of a local address whilst the child lives overseas

For detailed guidance, please click here

If a fraudulent address or address of convenience is found to have been used after the allocation of places, any offer made will also be withdrawn, and this may be the case even if your child has started at the academy. The matter may also be referred to the police.


Data Protection Statement

Please refer to Privacy notices for Pupils, Parents & Carers


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