Posted on July 19th 2018

Year 1 at the British Wildlife Centre

British Wildlife Centre 1

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, Year 1 visited the British Wildlife Centre, as part of their 'We are Britain' topic. They travelled by coach to the centre with countless games of 'I Spy' being played.

Throughout the day, they were shown around the centre to meet lots of the different animals that inhabit the centre. Year 1 were told many facts including the different eye colours of owls and how that tells you what time of day they are awake for as well as what foods all of the animals eat.

Some of the animals the children met include otters, who were very excited to see them with their food, owls, deer and badgers in their sett. The group took apples to eat for break and even donated the remains of the apples to the animals to finish eating.

Everyone had a wonderful time and the children came back bursting to retell all of the amazing facts that they learnt and the animals they encountered.

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