Posted on June 25th 2018

Famished for Fiction and the Hounslow Junior Book Awards

The 12 members of ‘Famished for Fiction’ club attended the Hounslow Junior Book Awards on Monday 25th June 2018, at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Hounslow. During the reading club sessions, which take place after school every Friday, the members (all pupils in Year 6) have read 6 shortlisted titles.

The books they have read are:
By Peter Bunzl 
The Everything Machine 
By Ally Kennen 
The Goldfish Boy
By Lisa Thompson 
Goodly and Grave in a bad case of Kidnap
By Justine Windsor 
The Island at the End of Everything
By Kiran Millwood Hargrave 
What not to do if you turn invisible
By Ross Welford 
Stewart Foster, author of ‘The Bubble Boy & All The Things That Could Go Wrong’ (winner of last year’s award) made a guest appearance and announced this year’s winner.  
Before attending the ceremony, the pupils wrote questions that they’d like to ask him, if the opportunity arose. 
How long did it take you to write Bubble Boy? 
Have you won any awards for any of your books? 
Who inspired you to start writing books? 
Are any of the characters from your books based on people you know? 
Why do you write about children with special needs? 
How old were you when you wrote your first book? 
Which of your own books is your favourite? 
Are any of your books based on real events? 
Do you have any ideas for your next book? 
Who inspired you to write Bubble Boy? 
What did you do before you became an author? 
Who is your favourite author? 
2 pupils from Berkeley Academy were selected to ask a question each.  
The results for the book awards were as follows: 
1.  The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson (not in our top 3) 
2.  Goodly and Grave in a Bad Case of Kidnap by Justine Windsor (our 
number one) 
3.  The Island at the End of Everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave (our 
number 3) and What Not to do if you Turn Invisible by Ross Welford 
By Mrs. Panesar


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