Posted on May 10th 2018

Nursery to Odds Farm

odds farm 1

On Friday 4th May, Nursery went on a trip to Odds Farm to meet the farm animals that they have been learning about.
They travelled by double-decker coach, which the children were extremely excited about -
Fatima: “it was fun because the wheels went fast”, Aarav: “it was fun because of the stairs because I went upstairs”, Zorawar: “it was fun, I was counting buses”.
Once they arrived at the farm, one of the farmers showed the group how to feed the animals, the children and adults petted and fed the goats and sheep -
Yasar: “you have to close your fingers otherwise they will eat them”, Jasmine T: “I don’t like feeding the sheep, I liked stroking them”, Loretta-Jane: “it feels like licking when they eating the food”, Samiksha: “when I was feeding the goats it was tickling my hand, it was eating so quickly”.
The group saw two new born kid goats, who had been born at 9am that morning -
Jasmine C: “they were just born, they were black and white, they look like cows but they were actually goats”, Diana: “I liked the baby goats because they’re so cute”, Yasar: “the baby goats were getting the milk from under their mummy”.
After this, they went to pet the rabbits -
Bailey: “you stroke them with two fingers, I liked them because they were so white with black”, Zackary: “they feel fluffy and they’re so cute, and I could see their tail from the back”, Vienna: “they was soft and I was petting it with two fingers”.
After going to see the pigs, some children had the opportunity to bottle fed the kid goats -
Aminah: “I liked the pigs because they were so much bigger”, Musa: “I saw lots of small piglets”, Nicholas: “we feeding milk to goats”.
Everyone started to feel hungry after giving the kid goats their lunch, so the group headed to the seating area to eat. The weather was lovely and sunny so they got to spend some time in the outdoor play area while waiting for the tractor ride -
Sara: “I liked the slide because it was fun to slide over it”, Bhavik: “I liked the swing because it was too much fun, it went fast”.
During the tractor ride they got to see even more animals including sheep, donkeys, Highland cows and British White cows -
Ashveer: “I saw a sheep and the park again”, Kai: “I liked the tractor ride because everyone had fun, I sat with my friends, I saw a big giant cow and it did a wee, I also saw sheep”.
Once arriving back at Berkeley Academy, a few excited children asked if they could “do their choosing now” and needed to be reminded that it was home time. An amazing time was had by all at the farm!
Miss Khan and Miss Barton (Nursery)
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