Posted on April 24th 2018

Reception’s Trip to Brighton

Brighton visit 2018 4

On Friday 20th April, the 2 Reception classes enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in Brighton. Lots of parents joined the trip and helped to make it a wonderful day. All pupils were exceptionally well behaved on the way there and really enjoyed the journey on the double decker coach.
The children were excited to learn about the creatures in the Sea Life centre. They touched the anemones and starfish and went through tunnels as giant tortoises and sharks swam overhead.
In the workshop they drew their favourite sea creature - then answered questions about seahorses and found out that sharks don't have very good eyesight.
Lunch on the beach was great fun in the sunshine by the pier. The children were very interested in the pebbles and had a rest on the deckchairs. The seagulls were huge and tried to steal some lunch by swooping in low while everyone was eating.
After a busy day, the coach returned to Berkeley Academy at 5.00 and some tired but happy children (and parents and staff) returned home.
Ms. Mercer
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