Posted on March 16th 2018

Visit To The British Museum (2018)

British Museum 2018 1

Year 4 have recently visited the British Museum, as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic. They travelled by bus and on the underground tube to reach London and then weaved their way through the hustle and bustle of the capital to reach the Museum.
They had been invited to attend a workshop based on Mummification. Year 4 learnt how the body was prepared for mummification, how they removed the brain and what they put ‘in’ the body to make sure it didn’t dehydrate. They even saw how they use modern technology to see inside a mummified body! Year 4 saw that mummies were wrapped up with their most precious jewellery.
After the amazing workshop they had the chance to explore the Ancient Egyptian rooms, where the group saw real life Mummies! They also saw some mummified animals, Canopic jars and the equipment used to mummify the dead – including the wire they would use to mush up the brain – yuck!
They eventually returned to Berkeley Academy a little later than expected, a special Thank you to Maeen’s father for allowing the whole group on his 111 bus, with some very excited but tired children. Everyone had a wonderful time and the pupils and adults would love to re-visit – it’s free entry at the British Museum so anyone can go, anytime!
By Mr Bussien
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