Posted on July 13th 2017

Ever Tasted Space Food…? Year 5 pupils have…

space food 2_result

As part of their space topic the pupils in Year 5 were asked to think of a well-balanced nutritional meal for an astronaut. They learnt about how difficult completing everyday tasks can be for astronauts in space and that zero gravity can make bones and muscles weaker. Keeping this in mind, they were able to come up with some delicious yet healthy ideas which could be dehydrated and packaged for use in space.

space food 1_result

They then tasted some dehydrated food themselves. The dehydrated menu included:

  • Strawberries
  • Dhal and rice with spinach
  • Ice cream in 5 different flavours (Mint choc chip, double choc chip, vanilla, Neapolitan and cookie)

They evaluated the taste of each food and learnt that even the taste of different foods in space can have an effect on mental well-being of Astronauts.

By Miss Ghauri

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