Posted on June 21st 2017

Year 6 attend the Hounslow Junior Book Awards 2017

On 20th June, a group of 14 pupils, who have been attending ‘Famished for Fiction’ club every Friday after school, attended the Hounslow Junior Book Awards 2017. The reading group has read 6 titles by new authors, including The Wilderness War by Julia Green and Strange Star by Emma Carroll. The pupils have written reviews and voted for their top 3, the favourite amongst the group was Beetle Boy by M G Leonard.

Gareth Jones was the guest speaker at the award ceremony, held at The Paul Robeson Theatre in Hounslow – he has written 31 books, including the ‘Ninja Meerkats’ series. He sang, told jokes, read extracts from his books and was very entertaining.
Ayushi Rana was selected to go on stage and do some acting – she played the role of a confused tourist, who had to kill someone in their bed by poisoning them! Lots of the pupils participated by offering ideas to Gareth Jones’ ‘brainstorming for his new book’ section, asking questions, etc. Gareth was particularly impressed with Biansha Kapoor’s response to his question relating to why authors write about death – she said that this makes a story suspenseful and most people enjoy suspense in a story.
The group was also presented with a set of 7 books by new authors by Beanstalk, a national charity which focuses on reading.
Overall, all of the pupils, Mrs Panesar and Mrs Nair had a wonderful morning attending the awards; spoiled by only one thing…our favorite story, Beetle Boy won second place, not first.
By Mrs Panesar
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