Posted on May 9th 2017

Mayor's High Achievers Award Reception


On Friday 5th May 2017, a group of ten pupils from Berkeley Primary School were selected to attend the Mayor's High Achievers Award Reception in the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre in Hounslow.

These children were selected in recognition of their outstanding attitude to learning, excellent attendance and exceptional progress made so far this academic year. The group travelled by bus and discussed how they felt to be representing the school en route. Alfie Lindsey (Year 1) said, "I feel like I am an outstanding role model for Berkeley Primary School and I am proud of that".


Whilst the Mayor of Hounslow was away attending to important business, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Daanish Saeed, was thrilled to meet the children and award them with medals and certificates to celebrate their achievements. The group had an opportunity to sit in seats in the Council Chamber, speak in to microphones used by councillors and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what happens in this important room. After the reception, the children enjoyed cake and juice. The Deputy Mayor told every child in attendance that they should feel immensely proud of what they have achieved thus far and said, "If you put in hard work, there is no limit to what you can achieve". She reminded children that they should be aiming for a job that makes them "truly happy" in the future, which gave them lots to think about!

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