Posted on May 5th 2017

Staff and pupils at Berkeley Primary School are proud of their P.A.N.T.S.


Children at Berkeley Primary School decorated pairs of PANTS as part of the NSPCC initiative to prevent sexual abuse from happening to any child.

The children learnt simple and easy to remember messages about their bodies, staying safe, talking to someone if they are worried or upset and speaking up if something happens.

A KS2 child at the school said “Everyone loved dressing up, it was really fun. Even the teachers wore pants. I know that I can say no and would tell my parents, teachers or friends. We learnt that we should not keep upsetting things secret.”

The school takes the safeguarding of its children both in, and out of school very seriously.

Alongside lessons and assemblies for all the children and a day when all staff and students wore decorated pants as outer garments, parents were invited to a session with a representative from the NSPCC, who talked to them about how to have simple conversations to keep their children safe.

All of the parents who attended said that they now felt confident about having conversations with their children about keeping them safe from abuse. Mrs Chaudhary, a parent of three boys said “I’m so grateful that the NSPCC and Berkeley Primary are working together to help our children to understand and keep safe. The pants day was such a good idea and I feel more confident that my children would tell me if something was wrong.”

Kevin Prunty, CEO and National Leader of Education, said “The PANTS campaign has been an incredible success in protecting children because it offers a sensitive, fun and non-scary way for school staff, parents and carers to tackle, in an age appropriate way, an otherwise tricky issue with our children. We want them to stay safe and enjoy their childhood free from fear or harm.”

Jennie Lewis, Deputy Head of School said “PANTS day and the other activities help ensure that our children are confident that some types of touching are not right and gives them 5 key phrases which will help them to stay safe:

1. P rivates are private

2. A lways remember your body belongs to you

3. N o means No!

4. T alk about secrets that upset you

5. S peak up, someone can help you


Andy Watts (Teacher), Students Rayhaan Ali, Negin Osmani, Hunaidat Hamad and Julian Zapata, Preeti Panesar (Head of School), Donna Greenwood (Teacher)

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