Posted on March 24th 2017


Year 2 recently visited Kidzania to learn about different roles in our community. They travelled by coach and were keen to observe different places of interest on the journey.


Pupils were given the opportunity to take part in range of varied roles such as a firefighter, police officer, paramedic, midwife, dentist, beautician, radio presenter and journalist. Children particularly enjoyed being a firefighter and a midwife and it was wonderful to see how mature they were when taking on these jobs.
After pupils took part in different activities, they were paid ‘fantasy currency’ and this encouraged them to use their knowledge of addition and subtraction to manage their finances. Children were very sensible and discussed saving their ‘fantasy currency’ so they could open a bank account.
Year 2 returned to school feeling as though they had learned a great deal of transferable skills at Kidzania. The pupils highly recommend the venue to others. They look forward to writing a recount about their most enjoyable trip to date.
Miss Huynh
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