Posted on November 17th 2016

A Talented Gymnast / Emaan Yonesi

Emaan Yonesi in Year 4 has been a keen gymnast for 4 years. He attends the London Borough of Hillingdon Gymnastics Club and has taken part in many regional and national competitions, including the Heathrow Acrobatics Competition (see photo). He and his partner Harrison (who attends a school in Hillingdon) have worked through the various grades to reach the highest group in the ‘Prep grade’. If they continue, they will reach the ‘Teaching grade’, which means they’ll be able to teach other children gymnastics – Emaan’s career goal is to teach gymnastics. He and his sister, Maleeka (a former pupil at Berkeley Primary School) enjoy competing against each other but are equally proud of one another’s achievements. Emaan currently has 15 gold medals and 10 trophies.

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