Posted on November 14th 2016

Diwali Day in EYFS


On Monday 31st October 2016, the children in EYFS took part in a range of exciting activities to learn about the celebration of Diwali.

The children created colourful firework pictures using chalk and paint on a variety of backgrounds. They could talk about the different colours and the noise the fireworks make when they explode. They also thought about why people only have firework displays at night time. “If we had fireworks in the day time we wouldn’t see the colours. It needs to be dark.”

Mr Dhanjal talked to the children about how Diwali is celebrated in his home. The children made some of the decorations that are used to decorate the home during the five days of Diwali.

Diyas were made by flattening clay with a rolling pin and shaping it with hands. Some of the children added patterns around the edges by pinching the clay with their fingers. They created beautiful Rangoli patterns using coloured sand and beads. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about the different shapes that could be seen.

Some parents of the children in EYFS came in to cook traditional Indian sweets with the children. They measured, poured and mixed the ingredients together – and they all enjoyed tasting them.

All of the children in Reception enjoyed learning some Bollywood dance moves with another one of the parents.

The children tried saris and traditional Indian outfits on, helping each other to wrap the material around and secure it. “I’m wearing it over my head like my mummy does.” They also drew around their hands and explored making repeating patterns by decorating them with mehndi.

A fantastic day was had by all and we would like to thank the parents and adults who shared their skills and experiences with the children and staff.

By Miss Greenwood

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