Posted on June 27th 2016

Year 4 visit the British Museum

On Monday 27th June 2016, Year 4 visited The British Museum. During their visit to the exhibition, they saw pages from ‘The book of the Dead’, sculptures of Gods and Goddesses and real mummified bodies. The children were able to read and pick out information around the exhibition and excitedly recorded their learning on their activity sheets.

They also took part in a workshop about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians. This involved exploring the famous tomb-painting of Nebamun (an Ancient Egyptian) and hunting in the marshes in an interactive presentation. Students found out about his life and how one painting could spark enquiries into many aspects of life in Ancient Egypt. The workshop leader was very impressed by the knowledge displayed by the children from Berkeley Primary School and the children set an outstanding behaviour example to others.

Miss Ghauri and Year 4

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