Posted on June 21st 2016

Berkeley Adventure with PGL

It was the morning we were leaving for PGL, and there was excitement all around.

The air itself seemed to hum with anticipation-as we waited for the bus to pick us up people were running around willy nilly, chatting excitedly, scoffing early morning sweets from their bags and, in a few cases, tearfully attempting to come to terms with the idea of spending an ENTIRE weekend away from home.

And that was just the teachers.

Our brave Berkeley children, being made of sterner stuff, were simply eager to get on the road and, after running the gauntlet of hugs from parents and guardians outside the school gates, it was time to set off.

The trip wasn’t a very long one so, around 11 or 12 games of I spy later, the bus pulled into a tree-lined driveway and an excited cheer went up as the PGL sign hove into view.

We were picked up by our group leader and, after some time in the sun playing games, we were off to our first activities.

One group got thrown rather in the deep end and was faced with abseiling first-however, whilst slightly daunted; the group soon got stuck in and gave it a go. A few of us who were too scared to begin with overcame their fears and had a go later on, which was really incredible to see.

We could go on for pages and pages about what transpired the rest of the weekend-between zip-lining, raft building, archery, quad biking, giant swing, Jacob’s ladder and the punishing vertical challenge, there would be plenty to write about, before we even began to mention the lovely food (much needed to keep energy levels up during our busy schedule!), the evening activities or even all the excitement that was had staying in rooms with our friends with no parents in sight!

What we would like to make clear though is that we all had an incredible time at PGL, and that the  teachers are all extremely proud of each and every child who came along for their resilience, their bravery in the face of challenges, their amazing team spirit and their willingness to give everything a go. They are truly a credit to our school.

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