Posted on February 10th 2016

Read more - Local fire fighters visit Berkeley

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Reception class were very excited when the fire fighters from Feltham fire station came to visit. They have been learning about people who help us this spring term and have found out about doctors, bus drivers, shopkeepers, lollipop ladies, paramedics, librarians, police officers and fire fighters. Four fire fighters came in their fire engine and showed all the children how they went about their work keeping us safe and helping us when we need it. The children were very interested to find out that the driver of the fire engine was female and she explained that both men and women can be fire fighters.

The children had a chance to use some of the equipment carried on the engine such as the hose and the torch and to look at the cutting equipment and hold the radio and pager. They also sat in the cab and found out about the important work of a fire fighter and looked at the boots, gloves, breathing apparatus and helmets that the fire fighters wear to protect them. They talked about the smoke alarms in their own homes and how everyone can be safe at home and when they are out and about and how to make a phone call to the right number if something is wrong.

They asked lots of questions and are now back in class doing lots of fabulous work such as writing and creating detailed pictures and making fire engines and fire stations out of recycled materials. Reception class are also exploring being fire fighters themselves and are drawing maps with directions to follow such as arrows and left and right turns, creating hospitals and houses and buildings on fire and making phone calls to the emergency services to explain the situation – all on the class role play telephones of course!

Reception children at Berkeley have certainly learnt a lot about being safe in their local community after this busy term!



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