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Berkeley Academy has been nationally recognised as a best practice example of partnership working in Ofsted’s annual schools report and in the Annual Report for London schools. The Annual Report uses data collected by Ofsted through inspections during the previous year to describe to Parliament the state of the nation’s education system, its strengths and the things that need to improve.

Berkeley’s story illustrates what Ofsted highlights as an exemplary approach to school improvement and is intended as a beacon to other schools, local authorities and school clusters. Case studies are used to show that in spite of the same challenges, schools can succeed with exceptional and determined leadership and by focusing on the right priorities.

Berkeley’s success also demonstrates that schools can be transformed in a demandingly rapid timeframe so that all children quickly get access to the highest quality education.

Berkeley Academy is now rated by Ofsted as an ‘outstanding school’. It featured as one of just a few case studies in the influential report. Its Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education, Kevin Prunty, was invited to attend the launch of the report in Westminster with Sir Michael Wilshaw, HM Chief Inspector of Schools.

The Ofsted Report for Parliament said “Led by the Executive Headteacher, leaders and staff recognised how quickly and securely things could change. The no excuses culture, balance of support and challenge and commitment to the achievement of every pupil ensured staff remained focused and secured high levels of consistency in teaching”.

Mr Prunty said: “It was great to gain further recognition for this impressive achievement from Sir Michael and Ofsted in London on Wednesday. Sir Michael, in his speech, said that the debate about school structures is now dead and he believed the future of school improvement relies upon schools working in partnership with others so the best schools help weaker schools to improve rather than benefiting from their demise.

The collaboration led by Cranford Community College with Berkeley Academy, with support from the LA and the local community all working together clearly illustrates many of the key points in Ofsted's Annual Report.” Cranford Community College is also an outstanding school and leads the ‘Cranford Teaching School Alliance’ and other school improvement clusters such as ‘The Cranford Group of Schools’ which celebrated when another founder member, Beavers Primary in Hounslow, was also graded as an ‘outstanding school’ in November 2014.

Mr Prunty added "Berkeley's rapid improvement to achieve 'outstanding' grades in every aspect of the Ofsted framework is virtually unparalleled nationally. It confirms that high performing academies, clusters of schools and local authorities can collaborate effectively to ensure every child has access to good and outstanding education. Berkeley has benefited from strong leadership, high quality support, uncompromising expectations and high ambition and the staff and pupils in the school now continue to excel with renewed confidence and aspirations." 

The Ofsted case study reports that “The executive head teacher used experienced staff from his outstanding academy to develop the quality of teaching and leadership skills….When the school was re-inspected in June 2014 it was judged outstanding. Inspectors said that the staff development programme based on links to other schools was central to its success.’

The Ofsted reports website for Berkeley Academy may be found here and contains the Academy Conversion Letter.



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