Trustees and Senior Staff

Berkeley Academy is the founding Primary School of Advantage Multi Academy Trust (ADMAT). 

The trustees (who are also known as the Governors  or the Directors) have a duty to ensure that the school is efficiently run and that the children are given the best possible education.

The trustees have many and varied duties such as; establishing the vision, values and priorities. agreeing the school budget, employing staff, monitoring the performance of staff and pupils, ensuring a high quality of education is provided and ensuring that the school is a safe and happy place to be.

From the outset, ADMAT has intended to take on other schools needing support and who will join the trust. ADMAT remains committed to improving life chances for young people living in areas of high deprivation and will continue to look for opportunities to support schools as they arise.

ADMAT is approved to sponsor other schools.


The Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The charitable company’s memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the Academy Trust.

The Trustees of Advantage Multi Academy Trust Limited are also the directors of the charitable company for the purposes of company law. The Charitable Company is known as Advantage Multi Academy.  It is also known as ADMAT.


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  • Philip Dobison (Chair)
  • Veronique Gerber (Vice Chair)
  • Susan Robins
  • Jonathan Rose
  • Mudassir Sarwar (from 27/03/19)
  • Dhaksha Shastri (from 27/03/19)
  • Peter Stumpf


The Academy Trust also manages its local governing bodies (LGBs). LGBs are purely advisory and have no voting rights or delegated authority.

Contemporary Trustee  and Member details may always be found through this link

Company Secretary / Clerk to ADMAT

Bernadette Moir


Senior Staff

  • Kevin Prunty – Chief Executive of ADMAT, Accounting Officer and Executive Head Teacher
  •  Preeti Panesar – Head of School (Berkeley Academy)
  • Jennie Lewis – Deputy 'Head of School' (Berkeley Academy) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  •  Rachel Huynh – Assistant Head Teacher (Berkeley Academy)
  • Suzanne Prosser – Assistant Head Teacher (Berkeley Academy)
  • Dinnie Heroe – Senior Teacher (Berkeley Academy), SENDCo and DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING LEAD (DSL)
  • Mary Gallagher – Acting School Business Manager / CFO (from 13th June - 31 December 2019)
  • Magdalena Gladysz - School Business Manager and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) from 1st January 2020


Organisational Structure of the Academy Trust

The Academy Trust and the Chief Executive Officer work in partnership on the strategic running of the trust and, at least annually, comprehensively review the thresholds of responsibility and delegation between the Academy Trust and the Chief Executive Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer is also the Executive Head of Berkeley Academy, the founding school in Advantage Multi Academy Trust.  He (or his delegates) is/are responsible for all operational matters and the day to day running of the academy, overseen by the Academy Trust.

The Chief Executive Officer is the Accounting Officer and the Executive Headteacher.

There is a pay related annual/biennial cycle of performance management for all staff, except the CEO whose salary has been fixed and not eligible for inflationary or performance related pay.

The Academy Trust has responsibility for monitoring its own performance and for its own training.  It reports through the Annual General Meeting and is subject to scrutiny by the regulators, Ofsted.  It has established protocols for the operation of the Academy Trust, a clear structure, written terms of reference and a regular cycle of meetings and activities.

For 2018/2019 the Academy Trust had an interim structure organised as follows:


Full Academy Trust (retaining all committee functions) and the Pay & Performance Management Committee

Regular, on average weekly, meetings between the Chair and the Chief Executive Officer


For 2019/2020 an expanded trust board will operate with the following structure: 


  • Full Academy Trust
  • Regular meetings between the Chair and the Chief Executive Officer
  • Pay and performance management committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Safeguarding Committee
  • Pupil Discipline Committee
  • Staff Dismissal Committee
  • Appeals and Complaints Committee
  • CEO/Executive Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher Appointment Panel


The Academy Trust is subject to external review, scrutiny and validation through a variety of inspections and audits by a range of agencies including OFSTED, Auditors, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the Health and Safety Executive etc., and reports by these agencies are shared with the Academy Trust and published.  The Academy Trust also undertakes a variety of evaluations and satisfaction surveys and monitors key performance indicators.  The Academy Trust benchmarks and improves its performance through involvement and leadership of networks of schools and school improvement partnerships.


The founding school, Berkeley Primary School which became Berkeley Academy, was subject to a full OFSTED inspection in 2014 and has been judged to be OUTSTANDING overall in in all areas of the inspection framework.  The academy was also awarded the Basic Skills Quality Mark in 2015 and reaccredited in October 2018. The academy was awarded the World Class Schools Quality mark in Autumn 2018.


The Chief Executive reports to the Academy Trust regularly through Full Academy Trust meetings and committees and also meets and communicates with the Chair between Academy Trust meetings.  The Academy Trust is also kept involved through publications, the MAT website, the academy website, and invitations to events and activities.


The Academy Trust monitors the performance of its’ schools through a variety of means including through its committee and meetings structure, through probing and questioning, through involvement with the academy and through activities such as regular Health and Safety inspections.


In exceptional or necessary circumstances, the Chair may use his/her powers to deal with urgent needs reporting back to the Academy Trust as appropriate.


The Chief Executive Officer and Academy Trust report to parents, pupils and the community through a variety of means including the academy website, reports, letters and magazines, assemblies, the academy’s Virtual Leaning Environment, etc.


The Academy Trust agrees the broad staffing structure at least annually but delegates to the Chief Executive Officer the flexibility to take opportunities for improvement as they arise or when needs change in the course of the year

Company Name

Advantage Multi Academy Trust


Company registered number


The certificate of incorporation can be found here


Principal and registered office

Helsinki Centre

Berkeley Academy

Cranford Lane




ADMAT has been established under these articles of association, memorandum of associationmaster funding agreement, and supplementary funding agreement. The land and premises are operated under a 125 year lease.



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